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Lezarmeur's Keep

Welcome, travellers!
What brings you here? Have you come across the marks? I see you speak another tongue, which is not very much spoken here. But I shall help you. You have reached Lezarmeur’s Keep. Here, we bequeath a bit of spellcraft and games to our Celtic sisters and brethren in a speech that is theirs.
What say you? Have you come all the way here to learn the tongues of Merlin and Ossian? I see. Come in then! We do not have much for beginners, but feel free to look around, you may find something fitting to your needs nonetheless.

Where am I?

Lezarmeur's Keep is a warlock's den, full of dwarves and witchcraft. Come in, if you wish to see more...


Do you like to play games? You can look at our Breton and Scottish Gaelic oversettings of other games.


Are you struggling to find a fitting Gaelic translation of "half-elf druid multiclassing as a bard"? You do not have the Breton word for "constitution saving throw"? You may find help here.


Any good tale needs a landsheet. How do you get to Lezarmeur's Keep? Where is the South? And the North? And where am I? Find your way here.


Any query or suggestion? You can write to us and we'll get in touch.

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Where are we then?

This webstead is mostly meant for Breton and Scottish Gaelic speakers, and it wishes to give some material for pen & paper role-playing games and boardgames in our indigenous tongues. Here, you will find:• Some files to download, be them oversettings of role-playing games or board-games, or rules for other folk games or even games we made up ourselves;Landsheets, lore and material to download for your RPG sessions;Wordlists in Breton and Scottish Gaelic for games, wonder-tales or science-fiction.Not much of this will be in English. If you are a Breton or Gaelic learner, know that we will try to make some of our material more accessible at times.There will also be some translations and material in French for games at times.

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Here you shall find game rules, scenarios and other documents to help you in your game sessions. What do you need?

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Here you shall find game rules overset - or made - by us. We do not own the rights to these games. What you will see here can be downloaded freely online in English, and we have been allowed by the writers we could contact to share these oversettings for free. The original writers keep every right on their work.If you are an original writer and see your work here without having heard from us, it means we did not find a way to reach you - pray write to us so we can make sure everything here is fine with you.

MÈIRLE NA MEALA. This is the oversetting of Grant Howitt's game, Honey Heist (see his Patreon and other games of his). In Mèirle na Meala, you will pull off the biggest heist in history. Your plan will need a perfect timing. Will it be made harder by the fact that your team is made up entirely of bears? Maybe.

'S E IAIN A TH' ANNAINN. The oversetting of Michael B. Sullivan's Everyone is John. In 'S e Iain a th' annainn you will play the voices in the head of the craziest lad in town, Iain. You will have to fulfil your obsessions before the other voices do so themselves. But be warned: Getting Iain to follow your lead will be no easy task.

DÌTH DHEÒGHLAN. Here is the oversetting of Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant's well-known game: All Outta Bubblegum. You have 8 bubblegums. The more of them you lose, the worst things are going to get - for you, or for others.

BUAILIDH MI LE MO THUAGH E. This is the oversetting of Brian Engard's famous I Hit It With My Axe. You are a badass dwarf barbarian. You want glory, and there are two ways to get there: Axe, or Not Axe. But let's be honest... Mostly Axe.

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Here shall be found various supplements, handouts and other support documents for your sessions. As for the rest, it is free to use and access, but cannot be sold.

Coyote & Crow Lexicon. This is a lexicon to help you use the Coyote & Crow rules in our indigenous languages, not the actual rules, which you can find here: We highly recommend the game, set in a sci-fi alternative universe where America was never colonised. An indi(genous) and indi(pendent) game!NB: The blank version is to facilitate your own translation in your own language.

Coyote & Crow Lexicon
In Scottish Gaelic here
Blank here

D&D 5e Character Sheet in Scottish Gaelic. This is an oversetting of the character sheet of the 5th edition of one of the world's most famous TTRPG, made by a friend.

D&D 5e Scottish Gaelic CS
In Scottish Gaelic here

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It is not always easy to come up with new stories for your games. Fear not, for we can help a wee bit. Here, you will find some home-made scenarios with maps and supporting documents to help you plan your sessions.

The Ogre's Prize. In this short scenario for level 1 characters, the PCs will need to get back an ogre's treasure from a group of Kobolts or Goblins. You will find notes about the scenario as well as maps in Breton here, and in Scottish Gaelic here.

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How can you play in Breton or Gaelic when everything is written in English or French? How can you overset the words for character classes, races and spells? Here, we are giving you some of our thoughts on how things could be said.The bestiary (name of fantasy creatures and races) is found after the first table. It's a long list, and getting longer, so you can look up any specific word by using Ctrl+F in your browser.The final table is a wordlist specifically related to Magic: The Gathering.

Scottish GaelicBretonFrenchEnglish
Allabharrach, barbarachBarbarBarbareBarbarian
BuannachdLañs, avañtajAvantageAdvantage
Caractar cluicheadairTudenn c'hoarierPersonnage JoueurPlaying Character
Caractair neo-chluicheadairTudenn hep c'hoarierPersonnage non-joueurNon-playing character
Còmhdach an DarachMaskl an DervennCachette NaturelleMask of the Wild
Còmhrag làimheEmgann a-dostMêlée (combat)Melee
Còmhrag rainseachEmgann a-bellAttaque à distanceRange Attack
DamaisteDomaj, freuzDégâtDamage
Deas-ghnàthRitual, lidRituelRitual
Deuchainn buaidhArnod perzhTest d'attributAbility Check
Deuchainn sgilArnod barregezhTest de compétenceSkill Check
Dìsinn fortainDiñs chañsDé libreWild die
Dìsinn sgapachDiñs tarzhDé explosifExploding die
Dìsinn drùidhneachDiñs treantusDé pénétrantPenetrating die
Dìsinn SlàinteDiñs Yec'hedDé de santéHit Points Dice
An DuibheaganAn Doneier, AnnounL'OutreterreThe Underdark
Duilleag caractairFollenn TudennFiche de personnageCharacter sheet
DùnDin, tour-meurDonjonDungeon
Dùnan ⁊ DràgonanDinoù ⁊ EreventDonjons & DragonsDungeons & Dragons
DreuchdRummadClasse (de perso)Class (character)
Eachtradh, Guais-beartTro-kaer, avañturAventureAdventure
Fantasachd Meadhan-aoiseachMarzherezh ar GrennamzerMédiéval-fantastiqueMedieval-fantasy
Fear/Bean a' GheamaMestr(ez) ar C'hoariMaître(sse) du jeuGame Master, Dungeon ~
Fèinnidh, maor-coilleSklaerierRôdeur, rangerRanger
Fionn-fantasachdFaltazi HarozelFantaisie héroïqueHeroic Fantasy
Fo gheasaibh, fo chroiseanDindan gazelgeEnvoûté, mauditBewitched, cursed
Fuasgladh gnìomhaKas (un ober) da vatRésolution (d'action)Action resolution
Geama Gabhail RiochdC'hoari-rollJeu de rôleRole-playing game
GeasagSord, kazel-geSort, sortilègeSpell
Gnìomh SeòltaGwidreRuseCunning Action
ImpidhKendrec’hiñ, persuadiñPersuasionPersuasion
Inbhe dùbhlainLive diaesterSeuil de difficultéDifficulty class
Iol-cheàrdachYann e Vil-vicherTouche-à-toutJack of All Trades
Ionnsaigh lìogachArgad widalAttaque sournoiseSneak Attack
Leabhar gheasaganAgripa, (N)igromañs, VifGrimoireSpellbook
Lèirsinn Mac-meanmnachLeurenniñ ijinusThéâtre de l'espritTheatre of the Mind
LùthaireachdMibinder, liantizAgilitéAgility
ManaranSorserMage lié, ensorceleurWarlock
Marbh-draoidh, taracadair(N)igromañserNécromancierNecromancer
Mì-leasDilañs, tu-kollDésavantageDisadvantage
Mothachadh a' ChunnairtBoaz an DañjerSens du dangerDanger Sense
PisreagPisegCantripSort mineur
Puing SlàintePoent Yec'hedPoint de VieHit Point
Ridir an Teampall, TeampallachManac'h RuzTemplierTemplar
RùnachdRinwezhelienArcanes (les)Arcana
SeiseanAbadennPartie (de jeu)Game session
Seunachd (draoidh)HudPouvoir (magique)Power (magic)
Seunachd (saidhgeach)Hud (bredel)Pouvoir (psychique)Power (psychic)
Sgeulachd, cnàmh-sgeulDanevellScénarioScenario, adventure
Slot geasaigeLokenn sordEmplacement de sortSpell slot
Spoch, ionnsaighArgadAttaqueAttack
TàladhKarism, arwarzhCharismeCharisma
Tilgeil dhìsneanTaolad diñsoùLancer de désDice throw

Hereafter shall be found the Bestiary.

Scottish GaelicBretonFrenchEnglish
Aog-phògLazh-pokerBaiser de la MortDeath Kiss
Aog-smàigirLazh-mac’homerTyramortDeath Tyrant
Basaileasg, rìgh-nathairBazilikBasilicBasilisk
BhampairVampir, skoulVampireVampire
Co-choisichePimpatromDoppelgänger, sosieDoppleganger
DearcaireanSellerienTyrannœils (espèce en général)Beholders (overall species)
Fuamhaire, famhairRamzGéantGiant
Grìbhean, GribhGrifonGriffonGriffin
HiodraSarpant Seizh-pennek, HidraHydreHydra
Luchraban, leipreachanKornandonGnomeGnome
Mac an DuineMab-denHumainHuman
MacAdhairBugul-aerElémentaire d’airAir Elemental
MacTalmhainnBugul-douarElémentaire de terreEarth Elemental
MacTeineBugul-tanElémentaire de feuFire Elemental
MacUisgeBugul-dourElémentaire d’eauWater Elemental
Neo-marbh, sòmbaidhAnvarvadMort-vivant, zombieZombie, undead
PeigeasasMarc’h askelletPégasePegasus
Sìtheach, sìtheagKorriganFée, lutinFairy, fey
TaibhseTeuzSpectre, fantômeSpectre, ghost

Here begins the wordlist for Magic: The Gathering.

Scottish GaelicBretonFrenchEnglish
Air iteagWar-nijVolFlying
Ais-gheasag, geasachd tillidhEnep-sordContre-sortCounter-spell
Ath-bhualadhDaou-daolDouble initiativeDouble strike
Ciad bhualadhTaolad kentañInitiativeFirst Strike
CladhBered, gweredCimetièreGraveyard
Cuir air fògradhForbannañExilerExile
Cuir an gnìomh (buadh)Aktivañ (ur perzh)Activer (capacité)Activate (ability)
Cuir fo gheasaibhKelc’hiañEnchanterEnchant
Cuir fo uidheamStagañ, akipañEquiperEquip, attach
Deas-ghnàthRitual, lidRituelRitual
Fraighe, òraAora, kelc’hiennAuraAura
Ìobair (ag ìobradh)AberzhiñSacrifierSacrifice
Làmh a’ BhàisStok ar MarvContact mortelDeathtouch
Leig de (Leigidh mi X dhìom)En em zizoberSe défausserDiscard
Magic: An TionalMagic : Ar C’hengalvMagic : L’AssembléeMagic: The Gathering
Naisg, dì-naisgNaskañ, dinaskañEngager, désengagerTap, untap
Nasg beathaLiamm a vuhezLien de vieLifelink
Ro-shealladh ÀRakwel NRegard NScry N
SeunArdigellDéfense talismaniqueHexproof
Siùbhlaiche-SìthBugul-doun, hud-treizhour, drouizandonArpenteurPlanewalker
Spleuchdadh, saltradhMac’hellerPiétinementTrample

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Landsheets and Worlds

Any good adventurer needs a map, and that's precisely what our cartographers are trying to provide.Be aware that our craft is of Celtic tradition, and thus our landsheets are turned towards the East. This means that the top of each map is the East, the bottom is the West, the right-hand side is the South and the left-hand side the North.A wee note about rights now. These landsheets are free and can be used any way you like in your game sessions and stories. If you wish to share publically some of your work that includes a map we made, pray acknowledge us. If you wish to sell anything that includes one of our maps or story, pray write to us that we may discuss it.And that's it! We hope you'll find something you like here.

Nameless landsheets

Here you shall find nameless landsheets. You can use your own placenames and wonderful spots to see.

Nameless landsheet 01, to be found here.

Nameless landsheet 02, to be found here.

known lands

Here you shall find maps of lands that have names, peoples and histories - lands we ourselves saw. We may at times share more knowledge about each of them.


Iaven is a world full of magic and political intrigues. It is broken down in many lands: the Kingdom of Dehouberzh, the Kingdom of Artanez, the Duchy of Kêrsidi, the Moreg Confederation (Bro-Voreg), the Earldom of Enez Doun, the Duchy of Paouglez, the Kingdom of Azoe, the Lordship of Inizi an Tan, the Dwarven Kingdom of Meneglas, and Gweglann, the Land of Giants.
To be found here.


The mysteries of Teveldir are many. These lands are plagued by necromancers and warlocks, and beasts beyond imagination. Five lands rule most of the region: Tirada (main towns: Kêreon, An Nor, Porzhmelen); the Kingdom of the Isles (main towns: Loc'h Sor, Aarbeg, Oulvig, Ouig); the Kingdom of Keulada (main towns: Innir Sil, Konkavel, Heun, Dinvaer); Kelevig (main towns: Dinkwez, Loktelo, Penahoat); and the Duchy of Ravanion (a city-state centered around Ravanion). On top of these, there exists many dwarven and giant kingdoms, mostly in the woods and at the borders of the map.
To be found here.

Enez Prinn

Enez Prinn is only a part of the kingdom of Tirenor, one of the main powers of a world known as An Glenn. This island lays in the middle of wide lake called the Lennvor. Enez Prinn is well-known for its university, which teaches spellcraft and history in the capital of Nerad. The land is rich, and the local mines are full of minerals. The main one lays near Penlinn, the economic centre of the island.
To be found here.

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Do you have any query or comment? You can let us know by sending a raven, or filling in this form. We'll answer you as soon as we can.

CONSULTING. Celtic languages are quite popular in fantasy to give flavouring and a feeling of authenticity, but they are too often misused or used with inappropriate elements and inaccurate knowledge that may at time feel insulting to their speakers. Celtic languages and culture are alive and used by real people, they are not items of consumption: It doesn't mean you cannot use them, but you can ask speakers to support you. If you do wish to include Scottish Gaelic or Breton in your writing, world building, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support.